Express Timber Solutions supplies timber products for most landscaping and building uses including products for the home renovator market.



Hardware & Accessories

Availability, economy, ease of use and convenience have made timber the most versatile of all building products.
Our structural building timber complies with the requirements and standards of the Building Code of Australia.
At Express Timber Solutions you will find hardwood and softwood, treated and untreated timber suitable for a range of building components such as framing, roof trusses, bearers, joists, window and door lintels, roof beams, studs, wall plates, noggins and rafters.



Delivery Service

Our delivery service is available six days a week during opening hours.



Quality Products

Express Timber Solutions work directly with trusted, quality suppliers to ensure the highest quality products.



Australian Building Code Compliant

All our landscaping and building timbers are treated to Australian standards and are quality guaranteed.



Building & Landscaping Trade

We provide the building and landscape industries with expert advice on everything timber.



DIY Home Renovators

Bring in your ideas and we’ll be happy to assist you in working out what building supplies are needed for your projects.