At Express Timber Solutions, we supply a huge range of timber and building supplies. We work directly with trusted, quality suppliers ensuring that the products we sell are of the highest standards, whether you are carrying out building construction, landscaping or general DIY.



Building & Structural Timbers

Availability, economy, ease of use and convenience have made timber the most versatile of all building products.
Our structural building timber complies with the requirements and standards of the Building Code of Australia.
At Express Timber Solutions you will find hardwood and softwood, treated and untreated timber suitable for a range of building components such as framing, roof trusses, bearers, joists, window and door lintels, roof beams, studs, wall plates, noggins and rafters.



Exterior Timber

Creating an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed for years to come is a valuable addition to any home. Timber is ideal for outdoor projects, such as decks and pergolas, as it is long lasting and blends perfectly with the surrounding natural landscape.
Express Timber Solutions stock a vast range of durable timbers that will withstand the elements for many decades. Suitable for decking, pergolas, fencing, exterior stairs, external cladding and timber shingles. We also supply pre-made timber screens or we can make-to-order timber screens suitable for a range of uses such as outdoor privacy, fence extensions or trellis.



Interior Timber

Timber can be used to create natural indoor living spaces with endless design possibilities. Interior timber constructions and internal finishes create visual impact and style in any home or office.
We stock solid and manufactured timber for internal doors, flooring, internal stairs, rails and balustrades. Our products do not compromise on structural performance.
We also supply MDF and plywood products suitable for panelling, and decorative timber for mouldings and joinery products, such as window frames, skirtings and architraves.




Timber is a natural choice for the construction of landscaping projects. At Express Timber Solutions we have a range of durable, sturdy timbers suitable for long-lasting, eye-catching results in your garden.
We stock just about all the timber-related materials you need for your landscaping project, such as timber for retaining walls, fence posts, rails, palings, edging and more.
We also supply unique timber products such as railway sleepers and logs for adding interesting features to your outdoor area.